SUBTLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES: The rods came Thursday. After opening them I just wanted to hold them for an extended time…very calming. They are placed where you said to and the house is an amazing place to be. It seems to me that each day the house is stronger, more the way the earth and energy should be…without all the electrical “noise.
S.G. August, GA
I started with James when my mom was dying. I felt such a close connection to my mom that I felt that I was dying with her. I could not let go of her. James walked me through the pain, he released the bad energy and left me be me. I used his knowledge many times over, I always feel at peace and in tune with myself after a session. James is the only person that I would trust with the self in me.
Esther S. Statin Island
As a trained energy-worker myself, I thought that I had a thorough understanding of what was causing all the pain, sickness and feelings of depression and panic that frequently affected me. Not only had I been working on myself for years before I met James, but I had been to numerous other healers for treatment. Every time I visited one of these healers, I felt nothing. Even more telling, the symptoms remained, and in some cases, they worsened. As my own attempts to heal myself became less and less effective, I grew desperate. I was depressed and often anxious to the point of tears. I was angry for no apparent reason, I hurt all the time and couldn’t sleep. I started getting headaches. I knew something was wrong at an energetic level, but lacked the skill to repair it myself. I didn’t even know where to begin. From the moment I met James, my experience of this life has become steadily more joyful. James has not only helped me by removing the energy of others from my body and spirit, but he has selflessly worked to teach me how to more effectively do this myself. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like a prisoner of my emotions or my body. During conversations with James, physical pain, exhaustion, panic and anger simply evaporate. And as was not the case with other healers, I have been able to actually feel the energy moving. It has been an incredible experience. James is one of the most loving, supportive, compassionate and understanding souls I know. With his help and teaching, I not only feel better emotionally than I ever have, but my body has also finally started to look the way I always envisioned. I wake up every day happy to be alive and excited about my journey. Everything seems possible now.
Jordana Van
Panic Attacks and Anxiety. I came to James in 2007 with terrible anxiety and daily panic attacks. I was near paranoia, refusing to take any medication and learned quickly that James’ vast knowledge of the body and unbelievable understanding of energy was my antidote. After my first session with James I had a fuller understanding of the emotional, environmental and spiritual causes of my anxiety and where these irrational fears were coming from. It was as if James had energetically erased all my fears and anxieties. The shift from fear to inner peace was almost immediate, I noticed I no longer spent twenty-four hours a day in fear and was able to live the life I wanted to. It is now 2009 and I still have never taken one pill for anxiety; I still work with James and feel so fortunate to have him as a counselor, healer and teacher. James is the most compassionate healer I have ever been to and has an amazing ability to assist individuals to reach their highest potential
Alison Daniel - Fort Collins, CO
Pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy a woman’s body is never the same second to second, minute to minute, day to day! The changes a woman goes through physically, hormonally, and emotional while pregnant are enormous. The moment I found out I was pregnant I started to work with James who then worked with me until I delivered, best 9 months of my life! James did tons of body work, releasing physical pain (that alone was fabulous), liberating my body from past life pregnancies and births my body was holding on to and he found wonderful ways to incorporate my husband during this tremendous transformation. I remember going in to James’s office with back pain, morning sickness and swelling…then leaving pain free, absolutely no water retention and the degree of my morning sickness was drastically reduced. My delivery was just as it needed to be and I feel all the energy work James provided was a major contributor to the success of my experience.
Alison Daniel - Fort Collins, CO
Energy Work for Children. My daughter had energy work from the moment I found out I was pregnant. The day she was born James came up to do energy work on her.She was a very calm baby and still is. She is never sick, happy the majority of the time and has really acclimated wonderfully to her new environment. I firmly believe it is because she has had so much work done that she is now so peaceful and truly an amazing baby. I know my daughter will continue to see James as she grows because I have seen what a wonderful affect all of his magnificent energy work has had on her.
Alison Daniel - Fort Collins, CO
Laryngitis.I called James one day, hardly able to talk; I had Laryngitis. After about fifteen minutes of James moving energy and expressing the emotional cause of the physical illness, I was able to speak! This was a brilliant learning experience for me and a true testament of the incredible healing ability James possesses and his incredible talent to move energy.
Alison Daniel - Fort Collins, CO
Marriage. After fifteen years of marriage, we became so enmeshed with each other, we found it difficult being ourselves and functioning as individuals. We found ourselves entrenched in repetitious patterns causing destructive cycles in our marriage. These deeply seeded negative feelings took root and started to affect our overall physical health and spiritual well being. We had done other therapy and counseling, focusing on just the emotional and mental aspects of our relationship, but found ourselves continuing our negative energetic impulses. Because he works with energy on spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels, James has helped us reconnect on an energetic level. With his intuitiveness, insight, honesty, and knowledge, James has helped us to realize that we can love each other again, and that happiness and health are a choice away. James is professional, passionate and dedicated to assisting others without judgment. He is like family and we feel blessed to work with him.
Rebecca and Brent Knottnerus, Wyoming
Co-Creation. James does not only give loving guidance and clear answers but he is also a true energetic healer, removing blockages and clearing your energies. It was as if weights were lifting off me, right then and there, as we were having our (telephone) session. I really felt I was a part of a blessed co-creation process whereby I was receiving gifts from Spirit through James. I am so thankful to know him, both as a person and as a healer, and I recommend his services with the greatest enthusiasm and with the sincere conviction that he will be able to light your path also.
Kristine J. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pain. I first saw James because my hips and knees were hurting all summer long as I practiced running to prepare for a half-marathon. I spent much of the summer in a chiropracter’s office. But the pain kept returning. A friend of mine told me that my pain was blocked energy. “Go see James,” she said. I finally did. After one session with James, my hip and knee pain were gone and I was able to run my half-marathon successfully. The pain did not come back. I thought that was a miracle. Since that time, James has helped me clear major emotional blocks.I am free of depression, feeling happy and I have cleared much of my past that had been keeping me from living fully in the present. I think this healing is a miracle.
Fran Jenner