Frequently Asked Questions

I have experienced trauma in the past and while I know it is not going to happen to me again, I can’t get past being anxious about it.

You are holding this as an energetic bubble in your body and you keep feeling the energy of the trauma you experienced. You may be holding it inside your body or outside your body in your etheric field. Through the energy healing process, we would identify the trauma, acknowledge it and permit the energy to move out. My process won’t have you relive the entire trauma, but rather lets you acknowledge the experience and move on from there.

I was in a relationship with someone and even though we are no longer together I can’t let go of them.

Part of this is similar to when a person passes on. But it can also be about a past live connection when you were either married or in love with this same person. It indicates that you still haven’t been able to let go of them from this past life. The energy healing or emotional healing process involves looking at past lives to understand their significance or meaning and to clear out the attachment to these issues. Then we can work on a complete energy clearing of everything in the present lifetime. Other factors that can keep a person tied to another person are conscious or unconscious vows, contracts, agreements, promises, or beliefs from present or past lives.

Someone that I loved very much has died (days, weeks, months, or years ago) and I can’t seem to let go of them. I think about them all the time and can’t move on.

Energetically, you haven’t let go of them and at the same time you are still trying to find their energy. When you know someone, you actually know them as their energy signature. The more intimate you are with someone the more connected you are to that energy signature. You are used to getting up every day knowing that that energy (person) is there with you. When they cross over, you are still looking for their energy signature and when you can’t find it, you get confused. The emotional healing process involves acknowledging that their human body vibration has ceased to exist and that your body can now stop looking for their signature. It doesn’t mean forgetting them, it means acknowledging them in a different way.

I feel pain and no one can seem to find out what is causing it.

The way I see it, pain is simply blocked, non-moving energy. This can be caused by a very physical incident – broken bones, ruptures, or an accumulation of some sort of mass at a particular spot. When the pain is not caused by one of these physical problems, then in my opinion, the cause can be found on an emotional level. This is where emotional healing and energy healing come into play. I would then ask your body to tell me, or you, what this is about and we would begin the process of getting the blocked energy to move.

How does an appointment over the phone work?

This is often referred to as “distant healing” or “remote healing” and is as effective as in person energy healing. You will call me and I will start a conversation so that I may begin to feel the energy of your body. Since energy doesn’t know distance, I can truly work with what is going on with you via the phone. As we go along I will be focusing my energy to different places in your body where the energy may be blocked. If you feel pain somewhere, I can focus energy healing there to get it to move.

What happens during an office visit?

You will sit in a chair across from me and we’ll begin our conversation. I will ask you what you would like me to assist you with in the energy healing process and we will go from there. As soon as your body feels comfortable, it will start moving energy at which point I will pull energy off or away from you. It is possible that your body will let go of energy as soon as you enter my office.

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