Subtle Energy Technologies

Subtle Energies Technologies is exactly what it says: “Subtle Energies” that are created by the intricate design of the rods which create a vibration that can neutralize, or shift, energy fields in the environment, or the body.

emf-illustrationSome of the rods: EMF (electro-magnetic field), EMF Meter, and Geo Path act as neutralizers. All of the other rods create a “subtle” shift in the body’s energy field(s). There are thousands of design variations of these rods so even though they may look similar, they really aren’t.

In the fall of 2013, during a meditation, I was asking the question as to what could be created that will stop, or alter, the Electro Magnetic Fields of electrical lines and appliances in houses and buildings. I did this because in a dowsing class that I took a few months earlier, the instructors were talking about how Electro Magnetic Fields create noxious energies that can, and have been proven to, directly affect the health of the body.

There are more and more people that are or are becoming hyper sensitive to EMF’S and these people are being challenged in how to live in this world and be well and healthy.

I know that there are other products that can “tame” the energies of the EM Field and I was looking for something that would be more effective. Thus the first designs I received were for the EMF rods and I got these rods will neutralize the EMF’s. I was able to get the designs by muscle testing for every measurement.

The other topic that was talked about in the dowsing class was Geo Pathic Lines. These are energies in the earth that are created by fault zones, lay lines and the natural flow of water thru the earth. The energies can be called “noxious” because they also impact the body in a not-so-nice-way. It has been shown that when two or more of these lines cross under where you sleep there will be an impact on your body. Once again I asked if there was something that would neutralize these energies and thus got the design for the large and small Geo Pathic Rods.

Along this same line I was given the design for the “water rod.” I had dowsed a friends land and found that where the well was drilled there were at least 3 water lines crossing. I also got that there was a lot of “noxious energy” in that area. After I made that design and put it on the well head I was able to feel that the water was going to have “much cleaner” energy. I have since put these on my and others water lines (city water) where the pipes enter the house and it creates a higher vibration in the water that is used in the house.

Water Clearing Disc

Water Clearing Disc

These disc’s have an energetic vibration in them that will raise the vibration of liquids. By putting the disc under a container with liquid in it the liquid will then have it’s vibration raised. Why not put liquid in your body that has a higher vibration?

You can test this out by putting water in a container and then tasting the water. After the tasting put the container with the water on top of the disc for about 10 seconds! Then taste the water again. Quite possibly it will taste sweeter and smoother.

It doesn’t matter what type of liquid or which type of container you use. I like to put the disc under a bowl of soup. No need to worry about scratching the disc because there isn’t anything recorder on them. It is strictly an energetic vibration.

If you want one or more of these let me know. I will send you one as long as you pay for the postage. Please email me at

Psychic Field Rod

This rod is designed to clear the energy field around you and your body. To use it just hold it in either hand or hold it in both hands.

I use it when I have been around a lot of people, like a restaurant, movie theatre, grocery store, party, etc, and am feeling overwhelmed. I keep one in my car and another in my house.

9 inches. $30.00

Scalar Rod

Scalar waves possess energizing and healing properties that affect the human body and the environment. These unique waves can enliven cells and molecules, strengthen the immune system and neutralize the effects of harmful frequencies such as those found in electro magnet fields. 9 inches. $30.00

EMF – Electromagnetic Field Rod

Used to neutralize the electromagnetic field created by electricity in the house or business; the area covered is dependent on the size of the rod. Sizes are 15 & 30 inches long.  15 inches : $30.00 

30 inches : $60.00

emf meter

EMF Meter

The 40 inch EMF Meter rod is made to be installed right next to the electrical box, regular meter or “Smart Meter” on the inside or outside of the house (building). One will be enough and it works just the same for 110/220 volts.     $70.00

geopathic rod

Geo Pathic Stress Lines Rod

Neutralizes the energies created by geopathic faults as well as those created by underground water streams and water domes – does not neutralize Hartman Grid Lines; a dowser will still be able to find underground water flows. Made in two sizes, 11 and 30 inches long. 11 inches : $30.00

30 inches : $60.00


Water Rod

This rod creates an energy field that energizes the water to a higher vibration. You can attach this rod to your incoming water line in your house or business and it will energize all the water that moves through its field. $30.00

disease balancing rod

Dis-ease Balancing Rod

My theory is that all dis-eases are actually an imbalance in the energy of the body – this rod helps to assists the body in re-balancing its energies. $40.00


Brain Balance Rod

This rod is used to balance the entire body; the name comes from where the balancing starts –one description was that it looked like the energy started at the top of the head creating little blocks of energy as it went down to the bottom of the body. Once a block of energy was created it would attach to the last one that was made and then another one would start. $40.00

Personal Rod

Personal Rod

This is a rod that I make just for your energies – I will talk with you on the phone or Skype and then tap into what type of rod your body wants – you can use this when you are meditating or just hold it whenever you desire. $30.00

Personal Rod

Structure Support Rod

Every building has an energy of consciousness and this rod supports that building to be more of itself. $60.00

***If you need more information to help you decide which energy rod might be right for you, please email me with your phone number and I will contact you to discuss. 

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